Prague and Desserts

This week, Thomas and I went to two different restaurants in downtown Edmonton: Bistro Praha and Duchess Bake Shop. ‘Praha’ is ‘Prague’ in Czech, making Bistro Praha a homey European style restaurant. Goulash, schnitzel, and escargot are just three of the menu items, all of them originating in Europe. Thomas ended up getting the Goulash, a Hungarian stew of meat, vegetables and paprika, after telling me that it was practically all he ate while in Prague. I got a fillet of sole that came with sautéed mushrooms, potatoes, and a salad. The food there was rich and flavourful, and according to Thomas, very similar to the European counterpart. We ended up sharing a dessert crepe filled with warm kiwi and orange liqueur, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. As you can see in the slideshow below, we stuffed our faces. The pricing of the food was very affordable as well, making it easy to eat there without a hefty bill (though if you wanted, you could certainly spend a pretty penny).

The second restaurant we went to was Duchess Bake Shop, which, according to Buzzfeed’s Bakery Bucket List, ranks number four in the world for its selection of pastries and desserts. Since there were so many different options, we opted for a large number of different things instead of just one. We got 8 different macaron flavours, the opera cake, a mini strawberry cake, a mini lemon merengue cake, and a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. They were all to die for. Fluffy cake, airy macarons, and chewy cookies, Duchess does desserts well. Decorated like somewhere that rich moms would go for brunch, the bake shop is drenched in class and sophistication. 9/10 would highly recommend.

Both these places, although different, have delicious food and a delightful atmosphere. The staff is friendly, the service is quick, and the layout works for the restaurant’s style. If you’re looking for something delicious, these places come with Thomas and Alea’s stamp of approval. Happy eating.

Thomas and Alea

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