Introductions Are In Order

Alea and I are third year Bachelor of Communication Studies students at Grant MacEwan University. Our goal with this blog is to explore and discuss the different restaurant options in Edmonton, focusing on the food itself, the people involved in the industry, and the challenges they face. With changing political and economic climates in Alberta and Canada as a whole, the restaurant industry has been forced to modify their unique system and culture in order to continue to provide the services they are known for.

Alberta cities, specifically Edmonton, are gaining a reputation for great food and restaurants which typically would not be expected, especially when compared to culture capitals such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal but they are absolutely on the rise. The rise in Edmonton can be attributed largely to gourmet power houses such as Corso 32 and Pampa but small, neighborhood eateries are where it’s at, in my opinion. My  local dive bar, The Bend Lounge has an updated interior and menu that still stays true to its roots as a bar for people to drink, play VLT’s, billiards or darts, and unwind. Another trend in Edmonton that I love is bars that have recognized the demand for quality food to accompany awesome drinks. El Cortez is a welcome addition to the usual Whyte Ave lineup, with its top shelf tequilas, delicious Mexican cuisine, and local performers including comedians and live music making this an awesome place to hang out.

With minimum wage hikes becoming more prevalent, moves towards automated serving systems, and decline of the ‘tipping culture’, the traditional server is a dying profession. We are not here to debate the politics or morality of this, but we are living in a time of transition and aim to provide a narrative of these events from the perspective of those being directly influenced by them. Enough people have expressed loud opinions about this transition one way or the other, so we aim to gather personal stories of people working in the modern service industry and share them in a cohesive manner.

Hope you enjoy our future posts,

Thomas and Alea


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